This object is in charge of drawing an object in a window. It provides a lot of the parent/child relationship drawing functions.

Try not to get it confused with a ChildWindow, which is a small little square that makes up all the classes and groups in a model.


virtual ~WindowView( )

void PaintChildrenToDC( wxDC& DC, const wxPoint& DeviceOrigin)

virtual bool CanParentWindowView( ) const

virtual std::string ConvertToXml( ) const =0

virtual boost::posix_time::ptime GetLatestUpdateTime( ) const =0

virtual void LoadFromXml( XMLReader& Reader) =0

virtual void CreateInheritance( ChildWindowClass* pChild)

virtual void DrawInheritance( const wxWindow* pWindow, wxDC& DC, const wxPoint& ChildPoint, const wxPoint& MidPoint, const wxPoint& ParentPoint) const

WindowView* FindChildWindow( const std::string& Name)

WindowView* GetWindowViewAtPoint( const wxPoint& ScreenPoint, wxWindow* pExclude) const

WindowView* GetWindowViewParentAtPoint( const wxPoint& ScreenPoint, wxWindow* pExclude) const

virtual void GetClassWindowList( std::list& Classes)

use this function to collect all of the ChildWindowClass pointers in the model

wxWindow* GetWindow( ) const

const wxPoint& GetActualPosition( ) const

returns the unzoomed, unscrolled position of the object

const wxSize& GetActualSize( ) const

returns the unzoomed size of the object


WindowView( wxWindow* pWindow)

virtual void PaintToDC( wxDC& DC, const wxPoint& DeviceOrigin) =0

It annoys me that wxWidgets doesn't have this kind of thing built in. I need it to paint to the Bitmap for the HTMLDoc generation. I'll probably also need it for printing.

virtual const std::string& GetObjectName( ) const =0

std::string ConvertChildrenToXml( ) const

boost::posix_time::ptime GetLatestChildUpdateTime( ) const

InheritanceInternalPtr GetInheritanceAtPoint( const wxPoint& ScreenPoint, double Zoom) const

void SetActualPosition( const wxPoint& Pos)

void SetActualSize( const wxSize& Size)


WindowView* GetWindowViewAtPoint( const wxPoint& ScreenPoint, wxWindow* pExclude, bool bParentOnly) const

wxWindow* m_pThis

wxPoint m_ActualPosition

This it the unzoomed position of this window.

wxSize m_ActualSize

This is the unzoomed size of this window