Responsible for showing a variable as a tree node. On of the simpler types


~VariableTreeView( )

enum MenuIDs

void Attach( const wxTreeItemId& NodeId)

void SetNodeText( const std::string& NewText)

std::string GetStringRepresentation( )

void ShowContextMenu( const wxPoint& Position)

void HandleContextMenuEvent( wxTreeItemId SourceID, wxCommandEvent& Event)

ObjectPtr GetObject( )

bool CanBeContainedByClass( ClassObjectPtr pClass) const

virtual bool CanBeContainedByMethod( ) const




VariableTreeView( ClassTree* pTree, VariableObjectPtr pVariable)

std::string GetEditableLabel( )

When the user clicks on the label they will be able to edit it directly. This gets the text that will show up in the edit box.

bool OnLabelChanged( const std::string& NewLabel)

Called when the user is done entering text into the tree label. Children will need to parse this and set their data accordingly.

void ShowInfo( )

VariableObjectPtr m_pVariable

pointer to the variable this object represents.