Presents a group in a dialog. In practice it's a very simple place to change the colour and docs for the group.


GroupDialogView( wxWindow* pParent, const GroupObject& Group, const wxColour& Colour)

~GroupDialogView( )

GroupObjectPtr GetGroupCopy( ) const

const wxColour& GetColour( ) const



enum ChildIDs

void OnSize( wxSizeEvent& Event)

void OnGroupNameChanged( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnColourChangedBtn( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnOk( wxCommandEvent& Event)

GroupObjectPtr m_pGroupCopy

A copy of the group. If the user pressed cancel then this is just thrown away. If the user presses ok then it's copied to the actual group the user is working with.

wxColourData m_Colour

wxTextCtrl* m_pGroupName

wxTextCtrl* m_pDocs

wxButton* m_pOkButton

wxButton* m_pCancelButton

wxButton* m_pColourButton

wxWindow* m_pColourSample