Try to keep all the user settings in one class. Dumps and reads from a .KlassModeler file.


Settings( )

~Settings( )

enum UpdateInterval

void Load( )

void Save( )

const wxSize& GetSize( ) const

const boost::posix_time::ptime& GetLastUpdateCheck( ) const

bool GetCheckForUpdates( ) const

UpdateInterval GetUpdateInterval( ) const

wxColour GetClassBarColour( ) const

wxColour GetGroupBarColour( ) const

wxColour GetMissingDocColour( ) const

wxColour GetOldDocColour( ) const

void SetSize( const wxSize& Size)

void SetLastUpdateCheck( const boost::posix_time::ptime& NewTime)

void SetCheckForUpdates( bool b)

void SetUpdateInterval( UpdateInterval NewInterval)

void SetClassBarColour( const wxColour& Colour)

void SetGroupBarColour( const wxColour& Colour)

void SetMissingDocColour( const wxColour& Colour)

void SetOldDocColour( const wxColour& Colour)



wxSize m_Size

boost::posix_time::ptime m_LastUpdateCheck

bool m_CheckForUpdates

UpdateInterval m_UpdateInterval

std::string m_ClassBarColour

std::string m_GroupBarColour

std::string m_MissingDocColour

std::string m_OldDocColour