This is the main white background that you place classes and groups on. It does not inherit from ChildWindow because it is not a child window. It DOES inherit from WindowView because it acts an awful lot like a Group. This shouldn't be surprising because it actually is a group. However it's an invisible, implied group.


MainView( MainFrame* pParent, GroupObjectPtr pBaseGroup)

~MainView( )

void ClearAll( )

void ActualPositionToClientPosition( wxPoint& Pos)

void ClientPositionToActualPosition( wxPoint& Pos)

std::string ConvertToXml( ) const

void PaintToDC( wxDC& DC, const wxPoint& DeviceOrigin)

It annoys me that wxWidgets doesn't have this kind of thing built in. I need it to paint to the Bitmap for the HTMLDoc generation. I'll probably also need it for printing.

boost::posix_time::ptime GetLatestUpdateTime( ) const

void LoadFromXml( XMLReader& Reader)

wxSize GetModelDimensions( ) const

returns the size of the model at 100% zoom.

wxPoint GetScrollOffset( ) const

where the user is scrolled to in pixels.

void SetZoom( double Zoom)

double GetZoom( ) const



enum ContextMenuIDs

static const std::string XML_NAME

const std::string& GetObjectName( ) const

bool CanParentWindowView( ) const

void OnCreateGroup( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnCreateClass( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnCreateFromHeader( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnPaint( wxPaintEvent& Event)

void OnDraw( wxDC& DC) const

void OnContextMenu( wxContextMenuEvent& Event)

void OnMouseMove( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnMouseWheel( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnLeftDown( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnLeftUp( wxMouseEvent& Event)

GroupObjectPtr m_pBaseGroup

double m_Zoom

wxPoint m_ContextMenuPosition

int m_VirtualSize

int m_ScrollUnit

bool m_bMouseMovingInheritance

wxPoint m_MousePoint

InheritanceInternalPtr m_pMovingInheritance