This is the starting point for the whole thing. Inherits from the wxApp, handles the general things. Very sporty.


KlassModelerApp( )

~KlassModelerApp( )

const std::string& GetVersion( ) const

ObjectFactory& GetObjectFactory( )

void ClearAll( )

void AddClass( ClassObjectPtr pClass)

void RemoveInheritance( InheritancePtr pInheritance)

void RemoveClass( ClassObjectPtr pClass)

void RemoveGroup( GroupObjectPtr pGroup)

void GenerateHeader( ClassObjectPtr pClass)

void GenerateAllHeaders( )

void GenerateHTMLDocs( )

Settings& GetSettings( )

HeaderParser& GetHeaderParser( )

InheritancePtrList& GetInheritanceList( )

MainView* GetMainView( ) const

bool GetColoursOn( ) const

void SetColoursOn( bool b)



bool OnInit( )

void CheckForUpdates( )

This function will spawn a separate thread to check for updates.

void CheckForUpdatesThreadFunc( )

called on a separate thread to check for updates

void VersionUpdateInfo( const std::string& VersionInfo)

this is called by the UpdateCheckerThread to return the version info from the web server.

void AddGroup( GroupObjectPtr pGroup)

void AddInheritance( InheritancePtr pInheritance)

void OnUpdateInfoAvailable( wxCommandEvent& Event)

Friend Classes

static const std::string BASE_GROUP_NAME

GroupObjectPtrList m_Groups

ClassObjectPtrList m_Classes

InheritancePtrList m_Inheritance

boost::shared_ptr m_ObjectFactory

boost::shared_ptr m_HeaderParser

boost::shared_ptr m_Settings

std::string m_NewVersion

std::string m_ChangeLog

bool m_bColoursOn

just a flag to keep track of state. If this is true then the user has asked to turn on the colour coding. False then everything is black.