The Other object is a catch all for something in the header that is not one of the other things. It's not so much a proper C++ type as it is just a place to type in whatever you want.


~OtherObject( )

const std::string& GetText( ) const

void SetText( const std::string& T)

std::string ConvertToXml( )

std::string ConvertToHeader( ) const

std::string ConvertToHTML( ) const

void AttachToTreeView( const ObjectFactory& ObjectFactory, ClassTree* pTree, const wxTreeItemId& NodeId)

NotebookViewPtr AttachToNotebook( const ObjectFactory& ObjectFactory, TreeView* pTreeView, wxNotebook* pNotebook)



static const std::string XML_OTHER_TEXT


OtherObject( )

void ReadFromXml( XMLReader& Reader)

std::string m_Text

The text that will be written into the header file