A member function. Slightly more complex then most members as it can be a parent to a bunch of arguments. It also can be pure virtual or const.


~MethodObject( )

boost::posix_time::ptime GetLatestUpdateTime( ) const

This gets the latest update time for this object and any children.

void AddArgumentToFront( VariableObjectPtr pArg)

void AddArgumentAfter( VariableObjectPtr pArg, VariableObjectPtr pPrevious)

void AddArgumentToBack( VariableObjectPtr pArg)

void RemoveArgument( VariableObjectPtr pArg)

const std::string& GetMethodType( ) const

const std::string& GetImplementation( ) const

bool GetIsPureVirtual( ) const

bool GetIsConst( ) const

const VariableObjectPtrList& GetArgs( ) const

void SetMethodType( const std::string& NewType)

void SetImplementation( const std::string& I)

void SetIsPureVirtual( bool b)

void SetIsConst( bool b)

std::string GetDisplayString( ) const

void AttachToTreeView( const ObjectFactory& ObjectFactory, ClassTree* pTree, const wxTreeItemId& NodeId)

NotebookViewPtr AttachToNotebook( const ObjectFactory& ObjectFactory, TreeView* pTreeView, wxNotebook* pNotebook)

std::string ConvertToXml( )

std::string ConvertToHeader( ) const

std::string ConvertToHTML( ) const



static const std::string XML_METHOD_TYPE

static const std::string XML_METHOD_CONST

static const std::string XML_METHOD_PURE_VIRTUAL

static const std::string XML_METHOD_ARGS

static const std::string XML_METHOD_IMPLEMENTATION

MethodObject( )

void ReadFromXml( XMLReader& Reader)


VariableObjectPtrList m_Arguments

The function argument list.

std::string m_MethodType

The return type of the method

std::string m_Implementation

a string that will be written directly into the header after the function declaration.

bool m_IsPureVirtual

Is it a pure virtual? If so it will have a =0 at the end of it when written to a header

bool m_IsConst

Is this a const function? If so it will have the word const written to the end of the declaration.