Internal inheritance is when both parent and child are in the model. This object is a mess because I combined the visual representation with the actual object. It's a dirty hack, but at the moment it works well enough so I don't feel like messing with it.


~InheritanceInternal( )

std::string ConvertToXml( ) const

void GetPoints( double Zoom, wxPoint& ChildPoint, wxPoint& MidPoint, wxPoint& ParentPoint) const

bool MouseOverMidLine( const wxPoint& MouseScreenPosition, double Zoom) const

virtual bool IsInternal( )

void Unlink( )

int GetYOffset( ) const

ClassObjectPtr GetParent( ) const

ChildWindowClass* GetParentWindow( ) const

std::string GetParentName( ) const

ChildWindowClass* GetChildWindow( ) const

void SetYOffset( int Offset)



static const std::string XML_INTERNAL_TYPE

static const std::string XML_Y_OFFSET


InheritanceInternal( ChildWindowClass* pChild, ChildWindowClass* pParent)

ChildWindowClass* m_pParentWindow

parent window pointer. This is horrible.

ChildWindowClass* m_pChildWindow

Child window pointer. This is also horrible

int m_yOffset

how far from the bottom of the parent window should the horizontal line be drawn? This line can be dragged around with the mouse.