Pretty much the same idea of ChildWindowClass, but for groups. It is different because it can have child windows (just like the MainView).


~ChildWindowGroup( )



static const std::string XML_NAME

enum MenuIDs

ChildWindowGroup( wxWindow* pParent, MainView* pMainView, GroupObjectPtr pGroup, const wxPoint& ActualPos, const wxSize& ActualSize)

void OnZoomChanged( )

std::string ConvertToXml( ) const

void LoadFromXml( XMLReader& Reader)

bool CanParentWindowView( ) const

void PaintToDC( wxDC& DC, const wxPoint& DeviceOrigin)

It annoys me that wxWidgets doesn't have this kind of thing built in. I need it to paint to the Bitmap for the HTMLDoc generation. I'll probably also need it for printing.

void InternalPaintToDC( wxDC& DC) const

wxWidgets handles painting the rectangle around the window itself when it paints to the screen. When I paint to a bitmap I'll need to do that myself. Then the common internal painting is handled in here

const wxPoint& GetObjectPosition( ) const

const wxSize& GetObjectSize( ) const

const std::string& GetObjectName( ) const

boost::posix_time::ptime GetLatestUpdateTime( ) const

void SetObjectPosition( const wxPoint& Pos)

void SetObjectSize( const wxSize& Size)

void ShowGroupDialog( )

void OnPositionChanged( const wxPoint& Delta)

void OnSizeChanged( const wxSize& Delta)

void OnPaint( wxPaintEvent& Event)

void OnMouseMove( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnLeftDown( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnLeftUp( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnLeftDoubleClick( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnContextMenu( wxContextMenuEvent& Event)

void OnCreateGroup( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnCreateClass( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnCreateFromHeader( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnShowInfo( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnDelete( wxCommandEvent& Event)

friend class ObjectFactory

GroupObjectPtr m_pGroup

bool m_bMouseMovingInheritance

wxPoint m_MousePoint

InheritanceInternalPtr m_pMovingInheritance

boost::posix_time::ptime m_LastUpdateTime

bool m_bPendingDelete

wxPoint m_ContextMenuPosition