This is the square you see that's filled with class information. Basically it's the main visual interface to everything. Note that it inherits from ChildWindow, meaning it knows how to be a window.

It also inherits from WindowView, which means it knows how to represent an object in a Window.


~ChildWindowClass( )

ClassObjectPtr GetClass( ) const

void RefreshClassTree( )

void ViewDocColours( bool Enable)

Will set the colours in the tree based on whether the docs are out of date.



static const std::string XML_NAME

enum MenuIDs

ChildWindowClass( wxWindow* pParent, MainView* pMainView, ClassObjectPtr pClass, const wxPoint& ActualPos, const wxSize& ActualSize)

std::string ConvertToXml( ) const

void LoadFromXml( XMLReader& Reader)

void GetClassWindowList( std::list& Classes)

Inherited from WindowView, just adds this to the list.

void OnZoomChanged( )

void CreateInheritance( ChildWindowClass* pChild)

void DrawInheritance( wxDC& DC, const wxPoint& ChildPoint, const wxPoint& MidPoint, const wxPoint& ParentPoint) const

void PaintToDC( wxDC& DC, const wxPoint& DeviceOrigin)

It annoys me that wxWidgets doesn't have this kind of thing built in. I need it to paint to the Bitmap for the HTMLDoc generation. I'll probably also need it for printing.

void InternalPaintToDC( wxDC& DC) const

wxWidgets handles painting the rectangle around the window itself when it paints to the screen. When I paint to a bitmap I'll need to do that myself. Then the common internal painting is handled in here

const wxPoint& GetObjectPosition( ) const

const wxSize& GetObjectSize( ) const

const std::string& GetObjectName( ) const

boost::posix_time::ptime GetLatestUpdateTime( ) const

void SetObjectPosition( const wxPoint& Pos)

void SetObjectSize( const wxSize& Size)

void ShowClassDialog( )

void OnPositionChanged( const wxPoint& Delta)

void OnSizeChanged( const wxSize& Delta)

void OnPaint( wxPaintEvent& Event)

void OnSize( wxSizeEvent& Event)

void OnLeftDoubleClick( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnLeftDown( wxMouseEvent& Event)

void OnContextMenu( wxContextMenuEvent& Event)

void OnShowInfo( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnInheritFrom( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnDelete( wxCommandEvent& Event)

void OnGenerateHeader( wxCommandEvent& Event)

Friend Classes

ClassObjectPtr m_pClass

ClassTree* m_pMemberTree

int m_MemberTreeFontSize

bool m_bInheritanceTracking

bool m_bPendingDelete

boost::posix_time::ptime m_LastUpdateTime