This class represents a child window of the main view. This is one of the many squares you'll see making up the interface. Specifically it's a Group or Class window.

Try not to get this confused with a WindowView, which is in charge of presenting the data through a window.


virtual ~ChildWindow( )

void SetPosition( const wxPoint& Pos)

void SetSize( const wxSize& Size)

virtual void OnZoomChanged( )


ChildWindow( wxWindow* pParent, MainView* pMainView, const wxPoint& ActualPos, const wxSize& ActualSize)

void PaintTitleBar( wxDC& DC, const std::string& Text, const wxColour& Colour) const

double GetZoom( ) const

int GetTitleBarHeight( ) const

returns the un-zoomed height of the title bar.

int GetBorderWidth( ) const

returns the un-zoomed width of the border.

MainView* GetMainView( ) const

static const std::string XML_X

static const std::string XML_Y

static const std::string XML_WIDTH

static const std::string XML_HEIGHT

static const std::string XML_BACKGROUND_COLOUR

virtual const wxPoint& GetObjectPosition( ) const =0

virtual const wxSize& GetObjectSize( ) const =0

virtual void SetObjectPosition( const wxPoint& Pos) =0

virtual void SetObjectSize( const wxSize& Size) =0

virtual void OnMouseMove( wxMouseEvent& Event)

virtual void OnLeftDown( wxMouseEvent& Event)

virtual void OnLeftUp( wxMouseEvent& Event)

virtual void OnPositionChanged( const wxPoint& Delta)

virtual void OnSizeChanged( const wxSize& Delta)


void OnMouseCaptureLost( wxMouseCaptureLostEvent& Event)

void OnMouseCaptureChanged( wxMouseCaptureChangedEvent& Event)

enum ResizeType

MainView* m_pMainView

bool m_bMouseMoving

bool m_bMouseResizing

ResizeType m_ResizeType

wxPoint m_MousePoint