Importing Headers

If you have an existing project and you would like to turn it into a class model then you will most likely find it easiest to import it. From the right click context menu you can select "Create From Header" and the KlassModeler will present you with an open file dialog. Choose the header file which you would like to import and the KlassModeler will do its best to import that header.

I'd be lying is I said this works every time. Importing a header file has proven to be very difficult. I won't bore you with the specifics, but the end result is that I have done my best, but it is still pretty easy to fool it. When something does go wrong the KlassModeler will present you with a verbose error message that will print out the last line of the header that the KlassModeler understood. Take a look at your header and see if there's anything unusual about this line. If you can't find anything wrong with it, try commenting it out. I often end up commenting out whole blocks of the header just to get the import to work. Then I have to go back and manually enter in the missing fields. It's much more labor intensive then it should be, but it's a start.

If you happen to notice something that always breaks the KlassModeler please contact me (see the Support section) and either describe the problem or if possible provide a header file that breaks it. I can then build in a fix for your header. If enough people do this the header import feature will become much more useful for everyone. Or of course if you're feeling generous you can always write the code yourself and send me a fix.