Generating HTML Docs

HTML Documentation is a great way to share your models with people who aren't using the KlassModeler, but want to see your design. The generated HTML docs include a full sized image of your model where you can click on each class and bring up a page describing every part of it.

To enable the HTML documentation you'll need to provide a path and file name of each HTML file you want to create. Open up the Class Information dialog and click on the Misc tab. You'll notice a text box where you can specify a file name. For HTML generation all of the files will be created in a subdirectoy called HTMLDocs. Don't provide a full path or you will end up with HTML docs that aren't very portable. You'll also notice a check box that gives you the option of excluding this class from the generated docs.

Once you've assigned an HTML file for each class in your model you will want to actually generate some docs. Select "HTML Documentation" from the "Generate" menu. It takes a little while, please be patient. When it's all done it will pop up a message box to tell you where it put the files. You'll find an index.html in that directory.