Header Generation

This is probably the most important feature of the KlassModeler. Once you have created a model of all your classes you can easily generate the C++ headers from those models. What's better is that the KlassModeler will take care to only recreate the class part of your header file. This means it will not damage your #includes or namespace info or anything that comes before the opening class token or after the final }; token. You can use the KlassModeler to do all of your class design, meaning you don't have to edit your headers by hand again.

To set up the header generation you simply set a header file for each of the classes you create. From there you can generate a header for each class individually by right clicking on the class title bar and selecting "Generate Header" from the context menu. You can also generate headers for every class in your model by selecting "Headers" from the "Generate" menu on the main menu.