Actually nobody has asked me any questions yet, but here are a couple of questions and answers I think may be helpful or interesting:

Q: What is the KlassModeler?
A: The KlassModeler is a tool to help programmers visually create models of their classes. It also allows you to document every aspect of a class. As a project grows it can often become very difficult to understand all of the classes from their header files alone. With the KlassModeler you can create a visual view of the classes and provide a more convenient central place to document everything. It's much simpler to look at a picture then it is to try and read through header files.

Q: What makes it different from other tools?
A: My hope is that it is much easier to use in an actual production environment. I have never found another tool that creates clean header files from a model. Most can not create headers, and those that can often fill them with special comments for the tool. The KlassModeler creates clean and easy to read headers. It also preserves the non-class part of your headers, the #includes, the comments, and anything else that is in the header but is not in the class. It is also cross platform, making it ideal for managing cross platform projects.

Q: Isn't this just a UML tool?
A: Nope. I find UML to be a great idea, but too much of it deals with things that do not directly result in header files. The KlassModeler tries to use the parts of UML that directly correspond to classes and headers, nothing else.

Q: What's with the spelling?
A: It was originally written as a KDE app. So like most KDE apps, I came up with a name that should start with a C, but instead starts with a K.

Q: I tried to import a header and it failed, what do I do now?
A: Check out the section of these docs on header importing. It's not an easy thing to do and i don't do a great job of it. The error message should tell you which part of the header confused it. Try fixing up or commenting out that section. You may have to comment out a few sections to get the header read in. Then you'll have to go back and manually enter those sections. Please send me headers that will not import so I can fix the KlassModeler.

Q: Everything is broken, what do I do?
A: My apologies. This project is currently being hosted on SourceForge and I will do my best to work with the tools that SourceForge uses to track bugs and suggestions and what not. If your request is urgent you can email me directly at james at wells dot net. Also if you are interested in helping out let me know.