Colour Code

You can turn on colours to see what state your documentation is in. Select the "Outdated Docs" option in the "View" menu to turn colour coding on and off.

The colours themselves are user settable. In the above picture you will see some text is red, some is blue, and some is black. Red text represents things that have no documentation. The public, protected, and private tags represent the documentation state of the class itself. Blue fields have docs, but the docs haven't been updated since the object has changed. For example if you document a method, but then add a variable, those docs will be out of date. The black text represents documentation that is up to date.

It's actually pretty hard to keep your docs up to date as just about any change to anything will turn it orange. However it is a reasonable goal to get rid of as much red as possible. And of course you can always turn the colour coding off when it gets annoying.